This is such a fun and easy DIY… but warning, it’s a bit addicting. Get all the details after the jump!


Materials needed:


  • You can sketch different shapes in pencil & paint over the sketches OR give yourself a guide with a pencil or tape. We freehanded these and they aren’t perfect but they’re definitely fun!
  • Paint a variety of shapes on there — whatever strikes your fancy. We’re obviously drawn to geometric shapes!
  • Let the paint dry thoroughly and plant your succulent (or herb or other plant variety…)
  • Viola!


And who doesn’t love a gratuitous succulent shot… they’re the most perfect plants ever.

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  • krissy :: miss b and hustle

    I’m totally making these!

    • julia wheeler

      come over and we’ll do some… i have a bunch of pots/paint/brushes!

      • krissy :: miss b and hustle

        Sounds good!