Our friend Sam of The Mindful Octopus is a storytelling yoga teacher for kids, based out of the AR4T gallery in Laguna Beach. She pulled together this fantastic project for kids that allows them to create their very own “Seed Bombs” aka “Karma Balls” while also incorporating some of her storytelling yoga practices. This is the perfect way to keep those little hands busy with all of this summer vacay free time! Check out Sam’s instructions after the jump.

We will be introducing the “guerrilla gardening” movement and ancient Japanese practice of “Seed Bombing.” But in the Mindful Octopus world, we prefer to call them “Seed Balls” a.k.a “Karma Balls.” Mindful Octopus teaches giving back to ourselves, to each other and to the Earth.
In keeping with the tradition of a Mindful Octopus class, we start with a story:
Every vacant lot and city street, in every neighborhood, holds a story; where once upon a time, things were very different than they are today. The vacant lot, abandoned home and neglected city street were once filled with peace, love and happiness. Today, we can join together to restore beauty and honor in these forgotten places, through our creativity and imagination. Together, we can paint the Earth with flowers! Together, we can make a difference in the World, one seed ball at a time; and once again, live happily ever after.
Now, stretch your yoga arms, hands and fingers; and get ready to go deep!

Dry Red Clay (you can find this at ceramic supply companies)
Mixed Seeds
Compost Soil
How To:
Combine 2 parts mixed seeds with 3 parts compost soil.
Stir in 5 parts of powdered red clay.
Moisten with water until mixture is damp enough to mold into balls.
Pinch off a piece of the clay mixture and roll it between the palms of your hands until it forms a tight ball.
Set the balls in the sun and allow to dry for 24-48 hours. Store in a cool, dry place until ready to beautify and give back to our Earth.

Seed Balls are 100% natural, organic, and eco-friendly. They break down over time and biodegrade into the environment, leaving only flowers behind. They self-germinate; so they do not need to be buried or watered.

Have Fun! From my mat to yours, peace and love,

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  • http://twitter.com/songbirdjules julia wheeler

    these look so fun that i think i might make them and throw them in a bunch of the abandoned lots in my neighborhood!

  • Lafeem

    This is amazing, Sam, you rule!

  • Sam

    Wishing everyone a “bomb” summer! Thanks ladies! xoxo Sam

  • brandis

    how fun!

  • Cindy

    Truly Inspiring! Would you have any pictures of any that have bloomed? Would love to see the outcome.

  • Melitta

    Why do you use “powdered red clay” ? What other mediums could be used in place of “powdered red clay” ?

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