Alright party people, help me out here. I’m going to Coachella for the first time ever and am totally diving in head-first. I’ll be camping AND working there this year and I’d love to hear what your packing essentials are for festivals. To be honest, I haven’t been to a festival since I used to go to The Warped Tour as a teenager (Bad Religion and AFI anyone?) so I’m pretty much just going with my gut on this one. I’ve got my essentials nailed down but would greatly appreciate your brilliant ideas in the comments below!
If you’ll be out there this year, come visit me as I sling (vegan + non-vegan) tacos at this taco truck and follow me on Twitter + Instagram (or on the TPS Twitter + Instagram) since I’ll be working some connections to score some artist interviews. As soon as I find out who I can snag for an interview, I’ll Tweet an announcement in case you want to send me any of your burning questions for that artist so be on the lookout!  

Below are my absolute essentials but here is my full list (clicking on that link will download my list via Word Doc, complete with links to buy stuff!) and please remember to leave me some suggestions if you’ve got ‘em.
1. Fanny Pack or other light bag to store JUST the essentials while running around from show to show. This one from Clare Vivier is the perfect fashionable fanny pack, which was basically an oxymoron up until now.
2. Comfy shoes are key and for me that either means Vans or Chuck Taylors.
3. Dry Shampoo because I have no idea what the shower situation is going to be like and I need to prepare for the worst. This Oscar Blandi spray version is my absolute favorite.
4. Cleansing Wipes: see above about the shower situation. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst is my motto here.
5. Tinted Sunscreen is another key product for the sun and heat. I’m not going to want to wear a lot of makeup in that heat so Josie Maran’s tinted SPF will do double duty for me all weekend acting as both my make-up and SPF.
Plus you know I’ll be packing plenty of sundresses, a trusty pair of sunnies and a scarf that can double as both headwear and ground cover. Oh and thankfully my homies at Brixton hooked it up with the perfect hat to keep me from getting my face or scalp burned.
So tell me… what am I forgetting?!

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  • RTWgirl

    Stay hydrated!! Drink lots of water because it’s going to be a scorcher!!

    • julia wheeler

      thanks girl! i need to find some water bottles with no BPAs that aren’t glass ahh! maybe i need to just forget about BPAs for the weekend so i don’t pass out…

  • Heather Feemster

    Go to Jimbos, they have the water bottles you want. AND apply sunscreen every hour!!

    • julia wheeler

      do they have big packs of bpa-free bottles?? i need like multiple gallons. ahh anxiety!! ;)

  • Erin

    A runners anti chafe stick could possibly save your legs, underarms, and feet!

    • julia wheeler

      this is a very interesting recommendation… so interesting that i’m scared to think of what will happen if i don’t take your advice!

  • Heather Feemster

    Jimbo’s has the big blue gallon ones!

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