Tanya is a San Diegan-turned San Franciscan who knows that one of the biggest shortfalls of living in the city is the lack of traditional mexican food… so she re-created one of her favorites.
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I love San Francisco, and I have succumbed to the idea of sf style burritos in tin foil and the weird flat taco thing that you need to eat with chips, however I have a big problem with their idea of hot carrots (or shall I say lack there of). When a taqueria does have them they are most likely from a can with a ratio of 20 jalapeños to 1 carrot- super bummer…..so going over a few recipes and using my San Diego taste buds, I have concocted what I think are the most buenas zanahorias picantes out there!

What you need:
white onion
white vinegar
mexican dried oregano
red pepper flakes
Black peppercorns
a lot of crushed raw garlic
bay leafs
dash honey or agave
dash evoo
*all of the measurements are based on my desire for garlic, spicy goodness, so please adjust accordingly.


Step 1: Slice the carrot at a slant about 1/4″ thick, cut onion into 1/4″ slices, and slice jalapeños length wise leaving in seeds.

hot carrots

hot carrots

Step 2: The ratio I use for vinegar to water is 2:1, boil just the water and add your sliced carrots for about 1.5 min. remove from water and put in a container, arrange with onions. Leave carrot water in pot and add your vinegar.
Step 3: To the water/vinegar mixture add the remaining ingredients and allow to simmer for about 10min.

hot carrots

Step 4: Pour the hot mixture over the carrots and you are done!

hot carrots

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  • Sam

    Love. Would be such a wonderful gift to give your mail/hair/nail/post/teacher/laundry/etc, person! Mmmm. xo Samantha

  • http://twitter.com/songbirdjules julia wheeler

    they’re SO good! i’ve tried them (thanks to my sister-in-law!)

  • http://torriesessions.blogspot.com/ Torrie @ a place to share…

    I’d win wife-of-the-year award For Sure if I made & kept this in the refrigerator {will be making very soon}… Just said this on twitter, but this is such a great idea for a blog. Sharing ideas/posts/people/pics is my favorite thing about blogging (hence- my blog name “a place to share” =)), and I look forward to to meeting new bloggers and getting new ideas from this new space!

    • thepostsocial

      yay! seriously, make them in bulk… they’re amazing!

  • http://www.joielala.com taryn

    yum! i’ve never thought about making these but they’re always a fav at my local taco shop! ;)

  • http://twitter.com/songbirdjules julia wheeler

    i know dudes who buy tortillas and make tacos with the free hot carrots and salsa bar. doesn’t say much about the dudes i know, does it? at least they’re savvy…

  • http://adellaavenue.com Noe @ ADELLA AVENUE

    These are my hubby’s favorite! So glad to have a recipe to make these just for him.

  • tekgeek

    once you have made the mixture and have it in a jar how long do you wait for it to pickle? I made mine yesterday 1/24/14 and used a giant dill pickle jar